Our team is Darin, Natalie, Opie and Rocky Kellum. Kayaking, snowboarding, camping and traveling present us with plenty of challenges, but with Darin's good looks, Natalie's good luck, Rocky's brawn and Opie's brains we manage to have a good time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kebler Pass is open and we went to Crested Butte this weekend for some couples' creekin' with Kat and David. Crested Butte is an exceptionally beautiful place and with Kebler Pass open it is only about 80 miles from our house to the OBJ campsite. Having the Jeep is perfect for the river crossings and 4X4 roads that most people have to hike to huck.

We got to CB and set up camp Friday afternoon and warmed up with a Daisy run. It was the first time Darin and I had ever done this creek. The creek is short and sweet, slide middle three times, slide right, boogie, huge boof off falls, dodge some wood and end with a slide middle. Darin and I both hucked Big Wood Falls (15') twice that night, but we didn't run Rip Your Head Off. Daisy was so fun we went back the next day after our OBJ run and fired it up again.

OBJ was at a fun level, perfectly padded and not too pushy. We ran it twice, once on Saturday and again on Sunday. Darin and I had done it once before, but now we feel like we know it. Overall it was a great weekend for Team Kellum, full of camping, jeepin', dogs and waterfalls.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

High Water Colorado

The Glenwood whitewater park is incredible. Last Sunday when we got home from FibArk our neighbor ask me for my autograph... Turns out I had a pretty big picture and credit in the local glenwood paper. I am side surfing, but the article is about the freestyle nationals being here.
Darin is throwing BIG blunts and his airscrews are getting BIG as well. Aerial kayaking is mesmerizing. I wish I could fly, but I am throwing okay blunts, tons of roundhouses, and am stern initiating. Super Fun.
We have also been river running- big water 2000ish Slaughterhouse. In the pic Darin is running the right line at Slaughterhouse Falls. I never thought we would go right at this drop...
I also got on Numbers at 2500. Super fast and fun. We are itchin to do more creekin' soon. Stay tuned.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Thunder Loves H2O

Rocky had a rough couple weeks. He had one of his eyes operated on a Wednesday and that Tuesday we got him neutered. So for a couple weeks he was in "time out" with stitches in both ends, thankfully he has fully recovered and is swimming again.