Our team is Darin, Natalie, Opie and Rocky Kellum. Kayaking, snowboarding, camping and traveling present us with plenty of challenges, but with Darin's good looks, Natalie's good luck, Rocky's brawn and Opie's brains we manage to have a good time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gore Canyon

Here are some pictues of Team Kellum running the sneak line at Gore Rapid on the headwaters of the Colorado River. Next week we are headed to Alaska for some fishin' and fun.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Creekin' Weekend

So Friday morning we headed to Bailey for some high water action. At 700ish cfs the run was a lot jucier than the first time we did it. That night we drove to the Cache La Poudre and Darin got a good night's rest for a big day on the Big South. I hiked in and got some photos of slideways- the top drop a 7 foot waterfall into the bottom slide move. Sunday morning we ran the Lower Narrows of the Poudre. What a class V weekend!

South Canyon

So last Thursday night Darin and I noticed that South Canyon was in at 3770 cfs. The perfect level for the miracle wave that comes into Glenwood Springs about 10 or so days a year. We had a blast throwing blunts Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. It was hard to be gone Saturday but we had to get to get some steep creekin' in on the North Fork of the Crystal.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

North Fork of the Crystal

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So Darin and I rented a Jeep out of Salida, CO and headed for a 4x4 adventure to the Devils Punchbowls. We wanted to get all the 4x4in' we could so we planned our route over Tin Cup pass. We camped on the Continental Divide Friday night and woke up to Opie with a face full of quills- he got porcupined! When we continued our adventure Saturday morning only to find that Tin Cup pass was still closed due to snow, after checkin' out the map on the snow pack we decided to give up on the punchbowls and just go 4X4in'. We made it to Pomeroy Lake and spent most of the day between 10,000'- 12,000' feet. What a way to see Colorado. After we returned the Jeep we went to Buena Vista on the way home and playboated. Darin and I also surfed the "mini-me" raft. The guys that owned the raft were pretty blown away with our rodeo rafting skills and were nice enough to snap the picture.