Our team is Darin, Natalie, Opie and Rocky Kellum. Kayaking, snowboarding, camping and traveling present us with plenty of challenges, but with Darin's good looks, Natalie's good luck, Rocky's brawn and Opie's brains we manage to have a good time.

Monday, April 30, 2007

My First Overnighter

Darin and I hooked up with some rafters online for the perfect Westwater overnighter. There were 3 rafts full of gear and food, all the amenities and empty playboats. We also enjoyed the motorboat hook up to cut out the flatwater paddle out. Our assigned campsite was only a couple miles into the gorge and we boated most of the trip all on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and I jumped off a 25 footer near the take-out. Next weekend we will be back in Tennessee...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Darin and I headed to Maybell, Colorado to run Cross Mountain Gorge on the Yampa river. The level was about 2500 CFS, which was perfect for our first trip. We ran it Saturday and Sunday with our friend Michael and we hooked up with two other groups . Behind the first big rapid, The Osterizer, there were two big dead rotting cows shoved into sieves. That was pretty disgusting, but the rest of the gorge was breath-taking. Blue skies, red walls and muddy water were everywere. We also enjoyed the river front camping at the put-in. Cross Mountain Gorge was the perfect weekend trip! Where in the hell should we go next weekend?